wieden+kennedy, portland 1996-2008
copywriter 2004-2008
Accounts: Starbucks, Target, Old Spice, Nike, Coca-Cola,  The Nike Foundation, Ivory, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Democratic National Committee.
Pitches, Manifestos, Print, TV, Online, OOH, Retail, Radio, Events.
Highlights: Pitched Starbucks as a music supervisor…became lead writer on Starbucks; Lots of Corporate Social Responsibility work; Cannes Shortlist for Coke, created “The Girl Effect” for the Nike Foundation.

creative research 2003-2004
As the sole member of the Creative Research department, I worked closely with creatives to research projects, find directors, talent, animators, titles, voiceovers–basically being a creative helper-outer from presentation through production.
Highlights: Nike Presto, Miller High Life, Nike Brazil, Pizza Hut, Powerade

jr. broadcast producer 2001-2002
Radio! broadcast production assistant 1999-2001
Working for producers on Nike, Coke, ESPN, Microsoft, and about 400 startup internet companies, including one called, which sounds so crazy now.

librarian/music supervisor 1996-1998
Administrated a music, film, director, and historical reel library for the agency. Applied my esoteric knowledge of film, tv, and music to help producers and creatives concept and execute.

no you shut up press, portland 2001-2008
Co-proprietrix of a tiny letterpress empire, specializing in mean-spirited yet baroquely lovely letterpressed greetings.

elaine markson literary agency, ny 1994-1996
Agent’s assistant, specializing in slush piles and foreign rights. Authors: Grace Paley, Alice Hoffman, Donald Spoto, Iris Dart

nyu, journalism 1995
Cultural Reporting program
ba, columbia university 1994
English, Art History

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Printmaking, Music, Comedy, Crafts, Literacy, Cooking & Food, Dogs, Home & Design, Swimming.